Dave Goslin, Peterborough, ON

We have used RV Boss Holding Tank Treatment almost since we got our first RV, and have never experienced any odour problems from our holding tanks.

Ronald Akey, Belleville, ON

Magic Boss Black Streak Remover is great.

Susan McEwen, Mississauga, ON

When I get bugs on the front of my car, I love to use the Bugs & Tar Remover for cars at it makes getting the bugs off so easy!!!

Warrick Lockyer, St-Isidore, ON
I have used numerous Magic-Boss products over the years but when I purchased my newest trailer, with four slide-outs, I knew I would need a reliable produce to ensure the slides never stick.  The Magic-Boss Slide-Out Lubricant & Protector was that produce.  Being in the Navy for 33 years I have seen the damage poor maintenance can do and the cost of repair.  Salt, grime and corrosion will seize the gearing of a slide-out in no time.  The camping season is short enough in Canada without wasting time with the trailer in the shop for expensive maintenance.  I lube the slide gearing at least three times a season.  Slide-Out Lubricant & Protector sprays evenly and spreads to all nooks and crevasses.

Allan & Susan O'Brien, Orillia, ON
I recently used your rubber roof cleaner. I could not believe how easy it was to use and how clean my roof looks now. Just follow the instructions and you have a roof that looks like it just came off the factory floor.

Marcel Goulet, Kingston, ON

I wanted to send a quick email to let you know about my experience with your “Bug and Tar remover”.


We are M&E RV Rentals Ltd just north of Kingston.  We pride ourselves in  supplying our rental motorhomes to our clients extremely clean inside and out.  Therefore, we have a lot of experience cleaning the exterior and interior of motorhomes.  We recently had a client return from Newfoundland with one of our motorhomes.  It was covered with bugs. This was the worst amount that we ever had on our units. At least 50% had been there for over a week before I attacked the job of cleaning them off.  I had just become a dealer for your product so I took this opportunity to do a test.


I tried cleaning with our normal VIM and mild 3M scouring pad, plain water and a mild 3M plastic scouring pad and also “Boss Bug and Tar remover” and a 3M mild scouring pad.  The best results with the least effort was with your product.  It was a hot day so I had to soak the area twice, as your product would dry before it had a real chance to soften the bugs, but given the chance, your product made it almost as easy to use my damp “terry cloth” rag instead of the scouring pad.  This is very important as we have the manufacturers decals and our own that we don’t want to damage.


I have attached a couple of pictures ... before and after of the area where I used only your product.


I already have three years experience with your RV Boss holding tank treatment with our rental company.  It is the best!  We keep it in each of our units for our use and our clients use. 


We also have a new RV Dealership, All About Metime RV Ltd., in Kingston.  We are a new dealer for Boss.  I purchased the above product and RV Boss for our shelves and am giving the supplied samples to people who I know will be back for more.


I also brought in two cases of the Citrus Awning Cleaner and will try it next on one of our units that is in its third season.  I am anxious to test the other products but we are a new dealer and there is only so much money in the budget for our Parts and Supplies store.  As we grow and in time, we will get more to distribute.


I look forward to growing our business and having more clients walking in and calling, looking for your Boss products.


Warm regards,

Marcel Goulet

All About MeTime RV Ltd.

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

Karen Trew-Magee, Wyeavale, ON 

I have used your Black and Grey water treatment and I really like it.

Brian Campbell, Agassiz, BC

I used the Magic Black Steak Removal.....and it was "instant" and very little rubbing......streaks dissapeared....."like magic".....!! Just as the name says.

Greg Rehill, Parksville, BC

The holding tank treatment performs as advertised. Tank sensors working again.

Manny Romeiro, Woodbridge, AL

RV BOSS, holding tank treatment.  This product is the best , that I have used, so far ! ! !I DO RECOMMEND TO THOSE, THAT HAVEN`T TRIED

Bent Pedersen, Nanaimo, BC

Wash & Wax very good and easy to use.

Michel Leduc, Vanie, QC

You must have the best product for black tanks. Since I started using your product.  I stop having problems.

Greg Hargrove, Hampton, ON

Good stuff havent cleaned the Septic Tank for years.

Doug, Gibbons, AL

I have never been disappointed when I have uses any RV Boss & Magic Boss cleaner/waxing protect on my RV or truck.  

Doug, Surrey, BC

We have been using another product for our black tank for years with success.  We switched to "RV BOSS" and use it in both black and grey tanks.  It is a better product for us.


Johanne & Andre, Smiths Falls, ON

To Magic Boss cleaning products

I purchased Magic Boss cleaning supplies to clean my RV.  I used the roof cleaner,  the wash and wax, the black streak remover and the citrus awning cleaner.

I am sending you this note to commend you on some very amazing products that do amazing work. I will continue buy and using your products as it is the first time I have ever been able to get the RV so clean.

I must say I am truly amazed by your products.  It did an amazing job on all areas of the RV to the point my neighbours were coming over to see what we used as the trailer looked so good. I was not afraid to say to all go buy these products. I am in a campground that has about 300 seasonal campers and I do believe I approached approx 20 or 25 and explained the products and showed them the results.

Thank you again for great products that made my cleaning duties a lot easier.

Stan, P.E.I.

We like the super strength cleaner/degreaser. it sure does a great job.

Mike, Fort Saskatchewan, SASK

I have used RV Boss holding tank chemical for 10 years and have tried many others before.  That it is the only one that works effectively.

Chris, Hope, BC 

Citrus awning cleaner. Great product, works easily. Made my awning looks like new again. Thx for such a great product.

Wilma, Atwood, ON

Since we purchased our current motor home the gauges for the levels of the grey water and black water have not registered empty when we have emptied them. I purchased a bottle of RV Boss holding tank cleaner and used it last season.  Now I am happy to report that our gauges are registering again. Thank you RV Boss.

Steve, Stratford, ON

The entry asks for only one product per comment, however these two products have to be read at the same time or it will not do them justice. I have a Sabre with a white rubber roof only a year old. Last year my RV rep sold me a product (Thedford) not mentioning any names, and it did an okay job, so I thought. I did not have anything to compare it to until I won 3rd place in the December contest. To your word you sent out the free products. I just used the Magic Boss rubber roof cleaner, wow, and followed that with the rubber roof treatment, WOW. As I said earlier, the other product worked, but these worked much, much better.

I will be sending through a picture of the roof half cleaned in the future.
Thank you for sending these products, it has saved me a great deal of time, allows me to have pride and enjoy my home away from home.

Dan, Penobsquis, NB

This stuff is GREAT!! I used it on my septic system at home - and checked it out a few days later - it has worked wonders.

Coby, St-Thomas, ON 

Absolutely the best for the RV holding tanks - We always make sure we have enough with us when we travel to the USA because it is not available there, and we would not buy anything else.

Andy, London, ON

Used the Magic Boss  Black Streak Remover, it worked amazing.  It was so easy to use and apply and take off.  Will try your other products as well.

Robert , Ajax, ON

I am very much impressed with your products wich I use all the time now.

Franck, Brechin, ON

The Boss products are the Bruce Springsteen of the RV world.. So be the Boss and own a Boss.

Ronald, Lower Sackville, NS

I have just read about your products in the RV gazette.  We will be trying your products such as the holding tank additive, roof cleaner and the awning cleaner when we get our travel trailer out of storage this spring. Thanks for the article.

Joe, Brampton, ON

I'm embarrased to say I went two years without washing our trailer but when I got back into the routine your Black Streak Remover was a lifesaver. It easily removed marks that nothing else could touch. Spray, wait, rub, rince - it was as simple as that. And it left a great surface on which to apply Wash & Wax. Again, easy to use and it left a great finish. I can't wait to see how well the trailer cleans up this spring. Thanks for some great products.

Ron, Barrie, ON 

Just bought Boss Black Water Treatment for the first time. Heard good things from other RVrs.

Lyle, Burlington, ON

I attended the Toronto RV show today, 27 February 2010. I stopped at your booth while at the show and met with the dealer.I recently purchased a new fifth wheel but don't take possession of it until May of this year. I spoke with the dealer about RV's and RV products and he spent a considerable amount of time with me. He explained the various products you offer and the one's that would be beneficial to me with a new trailer. I am impressed with the quality of the products, their concentration and then being environmentally friendly. The dealer I spoke with really knows your products and believes in them. I purchased your RV Boss holding tank treatment and look forward to using it this summer. Once I have my trailer I will be looking to purchase other products you offer to use with my trailer this summer.  

Wilf, London, ON

I found the waste water treatment very good.

Joseph, St-Thomas, ON

Your holding tank additive works much better and faster than the elcheapo I used to get from Canadian Tire.

Larry, Hamilton, ON

I have used several of your products and find them excellent. We use your rubber roof cleaner and sealer on our trailer and also use your toilet conditioner. These are excellent products.

Louis, Calgary, AB

After 7 years of use, RV-BOSS is simple - gages work, no smell, no problems.

David, Mississauga, ON

I have used Boss products for the last 3 years, Rubber Roof Cleaner and Conditioner, and mainly the Black Water Holding tank additive which I have found to be very good.

Robert, Kingston, ON

I 've used RV BOSS for over 3 years now and love it. Some folks say they would rather use a product that smells nice but not us. RV BOSS is the best. I just bought 2 refills

Karl from Brantfort, ON

Your Boss RV products work great in my holding tank.

Francine - UNICANVAS

We are manufacturers of awnings, add-ons, trailer tent canvas and replacements.  We were forced to replace one of our maintenance products for awnings.  We approached five manufacturers of cleaning products and have selected MAGIC-BOSS Citrus Awning Cleaner.  We are pleased to inform you that your product has been preferred amongst all the others.   Your product will be included in our 2010 Season Catalogs, offered to our 400 dealers throughout Canada.    Congratulations

Steve, Stratford, ON

We have tried many holding tank products.  With 3 kids and one toilet, it gets used, but only one additive has worked, the RV BOSS. Thank you for backing up what you say and thank you to Campout RV for recommending it. We also have been very happy with the black streak remover and the rubber roof treatment. Thank you again for really backing products that work without the lip service false promises.

Gaetan, Pembroke, ON

I work at a small RV dealership where I sell, fix and clean RV’s.  So I don‘t have time to waste.  That is why I only use BOSS products like the Black Streak Remover.  It really works great just a light mist, wait a few seconds and wash away.  It’s just that easy, I also use it for a variety awnings, roofs.  Man this stuff plainly works.  So make life easy,  buy BOSS products.  They really work and I have tried just about every other kind.  Boss is the best and that’s a fact.  Thank you for making my job easier,  Gaetan.

Monique, Piedmont, QC

I had a problem with my septic tank.  Every time I was using my dishwasher or my laundry machine, my tank was overflowing the lid,  consequently bad odours occurred.  I started to put 1 bottle of  SEPTI-BOSS, once a week, July 15th,   Eight weeks later, there is no more overflowing, nor smells.  My husband opened the liquid section of the septic tank and the water was penetrating in the weeping bed.  What a relief.  No need to replace the weeping bed.  Thanks ….

Mary, Shanty Bay, ON

Great product.  We miss it so much when we cannot find it.

Georges from Nelson, BC

The only comment I can make at this time is how hard it is to find the poducts.

Albert, Niagara Falls, ON

The black streak remover is just like magic.  Keeps everything shining bright as the morning sun shine.

Doug, Vancouver, BC

I have been using RV-Boss for 7 years and it is the best product on the market. Recently I ran out of the product and could not find it at the local RV Dealer.  I contacted RV Boss office and I had my product within days. Before I was introduced to RV Boss I had odor problems in my bathroom.  I would not go without it.  Doug travelling from Nova Scotia to BC

Linda, Pasadena, NL

I have used the Magic Boss Mold and Mildew Remover, an excellent product. I also used the Water Repellent for fabric on our tent trailer.  Worked very well.  Pleased with the product. The service we received from the Atlantic rep David Yetman  was excellent and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work!!  Thank you Magic Boss!! 

John, Calgary, BC

Gone are my sensor problems. I use all the rest of your products to keep my rig looking like it is brand new.  Since discovering your products over the last three years, I have thrown out all the rest of my inferior cleaners holding tank perfumes and inferior products.  Thank you RV boss for bringing products that realy do what you claim.

Training participant, La Prairie, QC

Participant:  We can see on your video that you clean the rubber roof having your awning opened.  You should close it to avoid all the product splash.

BOSS:  You are completely right.  This mistake was made when recording the video.