Waste Water

Product Features:
Bacteriostatic, Bactericide, Algaecide
End User’s Location:
Municipal sector

Many municipalities lack the financial resources to cope with increasing pressures of environmental regulations. In most cases, these regulations require investments of large importance required for the infrastructure or for major modifications to the existing ones. The necessary expenses are often too high for the population deserved by these facilities.

ENVIRO-BOSS is the result of laboratory researches and experiments in assessing the evaluation of the levels of pollution from municipal wastewater. During testing conducted by BOSS ENVIRONMENT, the following were considered the main parameters for municipal wastewaters, such as:   turbidity, temperature, odour, pH, and dissolved oxygen, the amount of fecal bacteria and e-coli as well as suspended solids. Insoluble substances often contain organic materials that enter a state of decay, causing the formation of floating films in suspened sludge. Polluted water in municipalities is generally noticeable by disgusting odours. Thanks to the criteria analysis of the physico-chemical in municipal wastewater and by using specific applications, such as experiential spectrophotometer to determine the concentration and density of various substances, BOSS ENVIRONMENT researchers’ have developed an integrated technology together with a well adapted performing formulation.

ENVIRO-BOSS neutralizes odours and contributes effectively to the sanitation of wastewater originated from municipalities. It adapts to the system of non-oxygenated and oxygenated lagoons. This product can elongate the active life of operating systems while extending the pump-out schedules of the deeper holding tanks. Among the many benefits, note a significant increase in oxygenation and effluent quality (quantitative reduction of all parameters related to odours, solid BOD, COD, microorganisms pathogens such as fecal coliform and e-coli). So it is important to mention the formulation’s ability to reduce very significantly (approximately 75-80%), the sewage sludge, which generates a substantial reduction in transportation and in the facilities operation costs, reduces the storage needs of pollutants and thereby provide greater environmental protection. Bacteriological controls carried out showed that ENVIRO-BOSS is an algaecide, bactericide and bacteriostatic which is very effective in the treatment of wastewater for municipalities.