Waste Water

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Pool, Water fountain

Swimmers always desire to swim and bathe in a pool where the water is clear, limpid, algae and bacteria free, safe and odourless. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many owners are faced, one day or another, with multiple problems related to the quality of water in their pool.  When the pool water becomes cloudy, it is likely to have, in the near future, an infestation of algae. If a pool is frequently used, there is probably a large amount of organic waste in the water such as dead skin, urine, perspiration, etc... As these particles accumulate, the pool water is necessarily affected. The development of algae has an important effect on the limpidity of water. It is the same for decorative water fountains, where multiple particles, such as leaves and insects, are deposited and thus promote the rapid development of microorganisms. The water turns opaque and less pleasing to look at.

Resulting from the research laboratory, AQUA-BOSS has a long-term effect. This product is made from raw materials of mineral origin. The formulation consisting of positive ions captures pathogenic microorganisms and removes the protective coating layer. This function contributes actively to their elimination. The quantity of each ingredient included in BOSS ENVIRONMENT’s product remains, once the formulation is diluted in the pool, within the prescribed standards for drinking water.

Safe for swimmers and for the environment, this product is odourless and does not cause unpleasant effects to the skin or eyes. Using AQUA-BOSS certainly improves the clarity of water in pools while acting as a preventive measure against the development of undesirable bacteria and algae. Simple to use, it generates substantial savings because, as recommended by the manufacturer, it will reduce significantly the use of chemicals and other disinfectants. A dosage of 0.1 ppm – chlorine free is sufficient. This dosage is achieved with reduced inputs of chlorine of at least 75%, compared to those recommended by chlorine manufacturers. The reduced need for chlorine chemicals will have positive effects on pH variations. AQUA-BOSS is safe for the environment. This product can be used in decorative water fountains. In addition to neutralizing odours, AQUA-BOSS liquefies organic matter and makes the water clear and bright in sunlight.

Note:  By using AQUA-BOSS as a chlorine reducer, you can help reduce the destruction of the ozone layer, reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack and premature aging while contributing to protect the environment.