Waste Water

Product Features:
Algaecide, Bactericide, Bacteriostatic
End User’s Location:Drinking Water Reservoir,  Shallow well, Pond, Lagoon
Water filtration plants and other similar places

Water located in reservoirs, wells and other similar places should not affect health. It must be free of pathogens such as viruses, parasites or other agents of same nature and non-toxic by the presence of undesirable chemical elements. Taking into account the place of residence of the water, an assessment of its quality should have two broad categories: The first is of organoleptic nature and the second is  physicochemical. The first category refers to its color, turbidity, smell, and depending on the cases, its taste. The second category is related to its temperature, hydrogen ion concentration, conductivity, chloride concentration, sulphate, silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, aluminum, its total hardness, its dry residues, pH and dissolved oxygen. The presence of dissolved minerals in reasonable quantity gives the water a pleasant taste and provides the body with many essential elements.

With time, water located in functional reservoirs and in natural settings, such as ponds, reunites perfect conditions for the development of undesirable microorganisms. Although it may look clear, the water may contain harmful components to human and animal health. For example, the total coliform bacterias, enterococcus bacterias and escherichia coli are amongst the population of undesirable microorganisms that may vary with time and involve a high level of danger. The work done by BOSS ENVIRONMENT researchers’ initially considered the   importance of developing a formulation that would contribute to human, animal and vegetable health, while not creating another source of problem to the environment. They also took into consideration that chlorine is a hazardous and corrosive substance. In some cases, if water is stored for a prolonged period of time in areas of low traffic, high temperature or if composed of rich organic matters, repeated chlorination inevitably develop unpleasant taste and the accumulation of organochlorine compounds that are carcinogenic both to humans and animals.

To best relief the natural environment and reduce the risk of microbiological chemicals, BOSS ENVIRONMENT has developed a formulation for water treatment which is based on the management of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria. ALGI-BOSS is an excellent ionized mineral solution that controls the development and proliferation of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Its formulation makes it an excellent chlorine reducer since it contains a natural electrostatic charge of positive copper ions. These ions are attracted by the undesirable microorganisms which contains a negative charge. The contact of copper ions with those microorganisms first causes the break-down of the undesirable microorganisms, their reduction and subsequently their elimination.

Using ALGI-BOSS provides effective neutralization of odours, a control over the development and proliferation of undesirable bacteria. This superior product will restore vitality and functions to various water sources that were once contaminated. Used as a preventative treatment, ALGI-BOSS effectively eliminates the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms including those composed of blue-green algae.