Waste Water

Product Features : Bacteriostatic, Bactericide
End User's Location : Agriculture - Cattle Farm - Agro Food – Processing Plant

Unpleasant odours in agricultural areas are mainly caused by the decomposition of organic materials in liquid or semi-liquid environments. Ammonia is a gas that releases unpleasant odours and remains troublesome for both the workers’ health and the production itself, along with the nearby neighbourhoods. Composed of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), this toxic gas smells like rotten eggs. These emissions are typically released from the storage pits and the applications.

More broadly in the area of agri-food industry, the transformation plants are often faced with unpleasant odour problems because of the accumulation of residues and waste waters.  Strong hydrogen sulphide odour emissions are released.
In these situations, these bacterial mats accompanied with unpleasent odours inevitably generate complaints from workers and very often from the neighbours. The identification of solutions becomes urgent in order to remedy to the situation and ensure environmental health for all concerned.

AGRI-BOSS has an active positive formulation, by intercepting ions, which will neutralize microorganisms that compose the ammonia gas. It also affects the transformation of organic matters, particularly by destroying the mucus, thus preventing the formation of scabs. Simultaneously, in the manure, a portion of the volatile nitrogen is converted into stable nitrogen. The aerobic microbial system multiplies by liquefaction thus limiting the growth of anaerobic microbial communities and the discharge of unpleasant odours. This stimulation of aerobic bacteria causes a supplementary uniform process of organic solids decomposition, thus promoting a more homogenous affluent of better quality.

AGRI-BOSS prevents crust formation on liquid manure and in places of transformation, which notably reduces fly population. By neutralizing the unpleasant gas, it exerts a measurable reduction of emissions of ammonia (NH3) and H2S which are the source of odours. Nitrogen is partly set in the treated content. These contents (manure and plant residues) are less concentrated in anaerobic bacteria (Clostridium, E. coli, etc...). AGRI-BOSS is an excellent bactericide to reduce bacterial pathogens responsible for the contamination of agricultural waste and wastewater processing plants. AGRI-BOSS actively contributes to better hygiene of surroundings and is safer for the environment.